Advocate of Positive Dietary and Lifestyle Choices to Support Dental and Whole Body Health.

About Dr. Fred

“Optimal health through dentistry”  

Dr. Fred Milton is an advocate of positive dietary and lifestyle choices to support dental and whole body health. A native of Miami, Florida and resident of upstate New York since 2001, he has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years.

In the past several years, he has become a member of the Pastoral Medical Association network.   His approach to dentistry is both unique and comprehensive incorporating traditional methods and a range of complementary modalities in his scope of services. He treats gum disease with a laser rather than painful and conventional “cut and sew” surgery.

He treats gum recession using the new state of art method called Chao Pin Hole Gum Rejuvenation technique™. He is also one of the only dentists in the world to use Resultant Force Vectors in the management of chronic pain.  

Doctor Fred is experienced in finding oral systemic connections using a number of painless and proven screening methods that help to pinpoint health issues through dentistry even when symptoms may manifest elsewhere in the body. Identification and treatment of a dental interference to optimal health may provide relief where other methods have failed.  

Smile. Doctor Fred is available at multiple dental offices in the Hudson Valley. Please contact an office near you to make an appointment.

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